Mombasa Day Tours and Excursions

Mombasa day tours are made up of a variety of excursions whose duration is a couple of hours or an entire day. These trips are ideal for people who do not have the luxury of time to go for one of the safari packages that we offer to our customers.

However, the fact that the tour lasts a few hours, or a day does not imply that you will not be able to have a good time since Safari Fellows tour experts have developed different Mombasa day tours to serve the interests of each visitors. For instance, our Mombasa short tour packages among others serves guests with interest in history as well as wildlife. Thus, even if you are looking for private Mombasa day tours from cruise ships, we are sure that we will be able to offer you either a full day tour or Mombasa half day tour that will fascinate you.

Mombasa is the oldest city in Kenya and the second largest in the East African country. The city is both a cultural as well as in economic hub mainly due to its big size port as well as the Moi International Airport which plays a major role in the region. The city’s history dates back to 900 A.D and the are many remains from that time to showcase the city’s rich history.

Among others, one of the city’s historical buildings entails Fort Jesus Museum that was built between year 1593 to year 1596 by the Portuguese with the aim of acting as the base of securing the old port of Mombasa. The building is standing to date and it is definitely a place not to be missed by a visitor visiting Mombasa and wants to know more about the rich history of the town.

Safari Fellows is among the key providers of Safari Tours in Kenya as well as the East Africa region. We assure you that we are going to do our level best to make sure that you have unforgettable experiences in not only Mombasa day tours but also in your safari tour packages. We are ready to customize a safari tour package according to your preferences irrespective of whether you are for Mombasa half day tour, safari and beach holiday, or a safari package that lasts over a week. All that you need to do is to make an enquiry about your tour and we will offer you a tour package that will be perfect for you.

To book your Mombasa day tours, you can get in touch with our customer friendly travel consultants. They will gladly inform you about the various tour packages that are available to you even if you are looking for private Mombasa day tours from cruise ship in order to make sure that you will have a great experience. Feel free to ask them any questions that you might be having regarding the Mombasa day trips or any other excursions that you are interested in. Below are just some of the short-day trips that we offer from Mombasa.


shimba hills national reserve

Day Trip to Shimba Hills National Reserve

You will get to spend the day in Shimba Hills National Reserve which is located inside one of the largest coastal forests in East. In the National Reserve, you will be able to enjoy flora and fauna as well as a variety of game such as elephants, sable antelope, mongoose whose tails are bushy and various small mammals such as the fruit bats.

get wasini dolphin experience

Day Tour To Wasini – Dolphin Experience

Our drive guide will pick you up from your hotel/location at eight in the morning. The excursion is ideal for people traveling as a group as you get a chance discover the land and sea. The key highlights of the tour are; a scenic drive along the coastal country, snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, sea food dishes

tamarind dhow

Tamarind Dhow Experience

You will enjoy seafood inspired dinner in a traditional dhow. As the dhow departs the dock when the sun is setting, you will get to enjoy scenic views of the Tudor Creek where you will see Mombasa Old Town as well as Fort Jesus from the ocean – this view is just superb.

half day tour mombasa

Half Day Tour of Mombasa City

In this half day tour, you will get to tour the city of Mombasa and also buy gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones. You are going to learn about the rich history of the East African coast as the Omani Arabs and the Portuguese fought each other as they sought to gain control of the Indian Ocean trade routes.

What do your require from me so that I go to one of the Mombasa day tours?
Once you have made up your mind on the short excursions from Mombasa that you are going to take part in, we advise that you inform us immediately so that we can make all the necessary arrangements in time. We will book the excursion for you and confirm the booking once the payments have been processed. After that, we will inform you about the pick-up time. Please make sure that you are ready when we come to pick you up since we do not want to be late for the excursion.

How many people can go on Mombasa day trips?
Most of the short excursions that are offered by Safari Fellows are usually offered on private basis with at least two people making the bookings. However, as a leading safari and tour operator, we are ready to offer the excursions to any number of people. Thus, even if you are a group of 100 guests, Safari Fellows will still be able to offer you exceptional excursions that you are going to remember for a very long time.

Do you offer private Mombasa day tours from cruise ship?

Yes we do! We have been in the tours and travel industry for a long time. Over the years, we have served guests who have docked in Mombasa for a short period of time from their cruise ship. As a matter of fact, we even organize one day safari to guests from the cruise ship. Feel free to contact us about any queries you may have if you are visiting Mombasa in a cruise ship. We have everything for everyone.