Kenya Safari Holidays

Kenya is undoubtedly the epitome of an African safari. The country is blessed with grasslands that are never short of wildlife, the second highest mountain in African, other high peak mountains, and the Great Rift Valley.Thus, by opting to go for a holiday to Kenya, you are guaranteed an authentic safari where you can enjoy bird watching, game viewing drives, mountain climbing, beach holidays, and guided walking safaris – all in one country!

Kenya safari holidays provides you with a variety of places to visit as well as various set of things to do. If you want to just relax on the beaches, the country has an amazing coastline dotted with luxurious beach hotels. If your passion is to climb snowcapped mountain, then you can opt for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro safari, while if your interest is wildlife viewing, there are over 50 parks and game reserves in Kenya that offer superb game viewing experience. If you want to combine various activities by visiting different places, that is possible through Safari Fellows. Contact our friendly safari experts and custom tailor make your own safari holiday today!

The parks and game reserves in Kenya are the most captivating when on the safari in Kenya. In these reserves, you get the opportunity to see what you have seen in the National Documentary, Animal Plant, or even BBC, with your eyes – nothing compares coming face to face with a lion or an elephant. The big five are to be sighted in most parks and reserves dotted across the country. Here are some of the safari holidays in Kenya packages that are offered by Safari Fellows. Reach out to us for more information or details on more options for your safari holiday in Kenya.

The Best Time For Kenya Safari Holidays
Your safari expectations are the ones going to determine the best time for you to go on a holiday. If you just want to relax in the beach and probably combine that with a two- or three-days safari, you can go for the safari at anytime of the year since the Kenyan coast has good climate throughout the year. If you want to see the Wildebeest migration, you have to ensure that your safari is booked during the months when the migration is taking place in Masai Mara. If your interest is mountain climbing, then you need to book your safari during the dry months as the wet months are not ideal for mountain climbing. In consultation with Safari Fellows safari experts, you will be able to have a better understanding of when you should book your holiday.

Normally, Kenya has two dry seasons. The first dry season is usually between January and March while the second dry seasons is usually between July and October. It is always advisable that your safari holidays is booked during the dry season since in this season, there is less vegetation cover which makes it a lot easier to spot the animals even when they are far. Moreover, during the dry season, the animals tend to frequent the water holes and by visiting the water holes, you are going to see different animals. If you are keen on watching different bird species, the perfect time for you to go on holiday would be between January and March.

Why Safari Holidays in Kenya Popular
The popularity of Kenya safari holidays among tourists from different parts of the world is justified since with its spectacular landscapes and the increased chances of spotting the big five in a single park or reserve, only few countries can be able to match such offering. Specifically, the famed Masai Mara National Reserve is the jewel of Kenya Safari tours as the vast plains of the reserve act as habitats to over 90 mammal species and over 400 species of birds. It is in this reserve that the migration takes place in as the wildebeest and other animals such as zebras migrate through river Mara from Serengeti to Masai Mara for greener pastures. Masai Mara has all classes of accommodation right from basic budget camps to luxury lodges and tents. In addition, in Masai Mara, a hot-air balloon ride in the morning is on offer. The ride offers you exceptional game viewing experience as you get to watch the game from above.

Kenya Coast Safari Holiday
The Kenyan coastline offers unspoiled beaches, clear water and a rich marine life. The beaches found in the coastline offer the ideal spot for relaxing. The coastline extends to Mombasa which is host to some of the luxurious beach resorts in the world – if you are after a romantic holiday, this is the place for you.

On the Kenyan beaches, there is plenty of activities on offer. Among others, some of the activities that you might engage in comprises of windsurfing, snorkeling, and diving. If you are interested in sea life, then the pristine Watamu’s shore is the perfect place to visit as sea turtles and other water creatures are always in plenty. By opting to stay in Watamu, you will get the chance to take part in different conservation projects and even see various wildlife.

Accommodation on Safari Holiday to Kenya
Kenya offers different types of accommodation to different guests with the aim of ensuring that the expectations of each guest are met. For those going on safaris, there are different classes of lodges and tents in all the parks and reserves. For those booking beach holidays, there are magnificent beach resorts that offer superb views of the ocean. Contact us today and we will help you to make the right decision on the accommodation to choose for your safari holidays. We have the best rates as we have established good relationships with all the accommodation providers in Kenya. Whether your safari is in Masai Mara or whether it is in Amboseli, we have good rates to all the lodges and tented camps in all the parks and reserves.

Top 5 Tips For Kenya Safari Holidays

The big five–When choosing the safari destination, it advisable that you consider destinations that can offer the chances to spot the big five (buffalo, elephant, rhino, leopard, and lion). For example, by visiting Masai Mara or the Ol-Pejeta conservancy, you have better chances of spotting the big five from one park or reserve.

One day safari to Nairobi National Park – If you do not have the luxury of time to for a safari to the parks and reserves outside Nairobi, you should then consider the one-day safari to Nairobi National Park offered by Safari Fellows. This park is located in the capital city of Kenya and offers great game viewing experience to the visitors. Some of the possible sightings in this park comprises of rhinos, lion, zebras, and gazelles among others. The background of the skyscrapers offered a perfect photo moment – imagine a zebra and a skyscraper on the background.

Amboseli National Park – Safari Fellows offers a one-day safari from Nairobi to Amboseli. This is a must go for those who are interested in snowcapped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro and herds of elephants. Amboseli offers the perfect wildlife photo opportunity as the imposing Mount Kilimanjaro provides the perfect background.

Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha – These two Great Rift Valley lakes offers game viewing, bird viewing, boat ride, and guided nature walk opportunities. What makes it even better is that they are located about two hours away from Nairobi. Thus, with the help of Safari Fellows, you can be able to enjoy a safari to both lakes in a single day.

Luxury private conservancies –The unfenced Masai Mara National Reserve is surrounded by different private conservancies. In these conservancies, you also get to enjoy great game viewing experience as the game in Masai Mara graze in these conservancies as well. Indeed, some conservancies also offer walking game viewing safaris which makes your Kenya safari holidays even more interesting. For those who are after luxury safari holiday, Sir Richard Branson’s luxury MahaliMzuri lodge is the perfect place to stay in.

Top Five Unique Experiences on a Safari Holiday To Kenya
Since Kenya offers its guest numerous holiday choices, it is common for guest to be confused on the best experiences for their safari holiday. With Safari Fellows, you can be rest assured that you will be able to enjoy great unique safari experiences. Here are some of the best safari experiences recommended by our top Safari Experts:

Masai Mara Safari Experience–In Masai Mara, you are going to enjoy game viewing drives, bird watching, and even a hot-air balloon safari that takes place in the morning and at the end, you are served champagne breakfast in the bush. For the best animal concentration in a game reserve, Masai Mara reserve is the best option for you. You can also organize for a visit to a local Masai village for the price of $25 per person. Contact Safari Fellows today and book a Masai Mara Kenya holiday.

Mount Kenya Climbing Experience –Mount Kenya is located in central Kenya and it is the second highest mountain in Africa. Safari Fellows can organize a mountain climbing safari for you. For many years, Mount Kenya has been voted as one of the mountains to go for a climbing safari since the mountain is inside a national park meaning that there are chances of spotting different game during your mountain climbing safari.

Hells Gate and Crescent Island Experience –Hell’s gate and Crescent Island are located in Naivasha next to neighbors Lake Naivasha. The two attractions are mainly inhabited by herbivorous game hence it is possible to for a bike riding safari in Hell’s gate and a guided walking safari in Crescent Island. If time allows, you can take a boat ride in Lake Naivasha and enjoy the sights of hippos at a close range.

Tamarind Dhow Experience – This is an evening experience not to be missed by those who are heading to the coast for their holidays. In this experience you get to enjoy a buffet dinner that is Swahili inspired as you cruise in a traditional dhow. You will enjoy great views of the old Mombasa town as well as Fort Jesus the Indian ocean. This excursion comes to an end at ten in the night when our driverdrop you off at your Mombasa Hotel.

Full Day Nairobi City Tour – The perfect tour for those who do not have ample time for the safari. In this day tour, you will visit top attractions in Nairobi as you will get the chance to visit Karen Blixen Museum, David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Centre and the Kazuri Beads Centre. It is also possible to include a visit to Nairobi National Park and avoiding visit to other parks.

Kenya Safari Holidays in The Beach
What a better way to end your Kenya safari holiday than relaxing in a beach resort in Mombasa.
– Be fascinated by the Diani Beach which symbolizes any dreamer’s paradise. In the Diani beaches, white sand beaches lie in wait. The nodding palm trees as the breeze blows provide the perfect ambience for a beach holiday. Some of the top beach resorts that have persistently been awarded top world beach resort ranking comprises of Leopard Beach Resort.

– When on a beach holiday in Kenya, you can also participate in various watersports. Some of the watersports on offer are; jumping in a kayak or even windsurfing in the Indian Ocean. All the beach resorts offer various watersports and activities to the guests in order to ensure that the are always entertained.

– It is possible for you to snorkel and even learn scuba diving. The coral reefs are full of sea life.

Cultural Activities For Kenya Safari Holidays
A Kenyan safari cannot be considered to be complete without experiencing the diverse Kenyan culture. As an experienced safari operator, safari fellows, always ensures that guests are provided with the chance to experience Kenyan culture. Here are some cultural activities to consider when going on a holiday to Kenya:

Bomas Experience – This is a small excursion that see you visit a cultural center that is based in Nairobi. The excursion takes place in the afternoon since there are performances by people from different cultures. In addition, you will also get the chance to visit model traditional houses of different culture.

A visit to a Masai village – In Amboseli or Masai Mara, you have the opportunity to visit a local Masai village and get to know more about the Masai culture. The Masai are nomads and have managed to preserve their cultured despite getting InTouch with globalization.

Mombasa old town –To learn more about the Swahili culture, a visit to the old Mombasa town provides you with the best opportunity. In the old town, you will visit Fort Jesus which was built in the 16th Century and visit the old town that is dotted with building that have a rich history.