Amboseli Safari

Amboseli is one of the top parks in Kenya and has been christened The Kilimanjaro Royal Court due to the fact that it is shadowed by Mount Kilimanjaro which at 5895 meters is the highest mountain in Africa. Even though this massive mountain is usually invisible during the cloudy days, the views that it gives are always spectacular and dramatic immediately the cloud clears. The name Amboseli is a Maasai name which implies salty dust and signifies that salty dust that you will encounter in this magnificent park.

For many years, Safari Fellows has offered different Amboseli safari packages to guest from different countries. The safari tours to Amboseli offered by Safari Fellows vary in terms of duration as well as other attractions visited in the course of safari to Amboseli. For example, we offer one day safari to Amboseli and two days safari to Amboseli. Other safari to Amboseli are combined with visits to other parks and reserves. Here are just some of the Amboseli safari that are offered by Safari Fellows. Feel free to contact us for more information or for custom designed safaris to Amboseli. The safari packages to Amboseli can start either in Nairobi or in Mombasa.

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Key highlights of a safari to Amboseli
Snowcapped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro that offers great photo moments as the African jungle. In the park, there is a an observation hill from where once can be able to see the entire park even though the main highlight here is the swamps and the elephants in the swamps. The swamp is a major water source for many animals and for that reason, you are going to spot different wildlife as they go to the swamp for water. In Amboseli, there are more than eighty different mammal species and more than 400 species of birds.

Accommodation when on Amboseli safari
As a national park, Amboseli has a variety of accommodation that is intended at serving all types of guest with different preferences, tastes and even interests. Indeed, for the budget conscious traveler, the park has campsites where tents can be pitched and one can sleep in the tents. For travelers looking for more comfortable type of accommodation, there are safari lodges and tented camps of different class right from the economy class to the luxury class. For the luxury level lodges, the option comprises of Ol Tukai lodge and Amboseli Serena lodge while for standard level lodge, the options on offer comprises of Kibo Safari Camp, and Amboseli Sopa lodge. Finally, for the economy level of accommodation Amboseli, some of the choices available comprises of AA Lodge, and Sentrim Amboseli Camp. Meals when on safari will be provided by the respective accommodation that you will be staying in.

Price of a Safari to Amboseli National Park
The price that you will be quoted when planning for a safari to Amboseli will be determined by the duration of your stay in Amboseli, whether you have combined your safari to Amboseli with a visit to another park, and the level of accommodation chosen. Thus, different safaris to Amboseli have different prices. For example, the price of a day tour to Amboseli from Nairobi starts from $160 per person while the price for a three days tour safari to Amboseli starts at $365 per person.

Transport during the Amboseli Safari
To travel to Amboseli National Park from Nairobi, you can either fly to the park or travel by road. If you opt to fly-in to Amboseli, the flight departs from Wilson airport and takes 40 minutes to reach to Amboseli. In Amboseli National Park, the airstrip is at the Empusel gate. Once your light aircraft has landed, Safari Fellows driver guide will be on standby to start your game viewing drives in the park.

If travelling by road, you are going to use Nairobi – Mombasa road. Even though travelling by road takes more time, the time spent on the road is time well spent since you get to see a lot of sceneries such as African Savanna when en-route while that cannot be said to be the case if you were to travel by air. Safari Fellows offers safaris in a pop-up roof safari minivan or a pop-up 4×4 safari Land cruiser. All guests are guaranteed window seats during the course of the safari.

Weather at Amboseli National Park
Amboseli is normally considered to a hot region since the average temperature during the day is usually about 260 Centigrade which is equivalent of 820 Fahrenheit. During the colder season, the average day temperature does not cross the 150 Centigrade mark. Thus, the temperatures are totally ok for a safari at any time of the year.

Best Time For Amboseli Safari
The best time to visit any national park has always been the dry season simply due to the fact that during the dry season, there is less vegetation which makes it hard for the animals to hide thus providing guests with the best opportunity to spot the mammals even from far distances. In Amboseli, the dry season falls in January, February, June, July, August, September, and October. However, since there is no migration taking place in Amboseli, safaris to the park are an all year round activity since even during the wet months, you will still be able to spot many animals that call Amboseli home.

Why You Should Book Amboseli Safari With Safari Fellows

Good Knowledge of Amboseli and other Kenya Parks – Safari Fellows is a Kenyan based safari operator that only offers safaris in Kenya and Tanzania. Over the years, have mastered the Kenyan and Tanzania parks and reserves and we are thus confident that we will offer you the best safari holiday when you book your safari with us. All our driver guides and Safari Experts have been to all destinations thus giving us a better chance to offer you exceptional safari experience.

Custom Private Safaris – There is nothing bad like when you want to go on a safari to Amboseli on a certain date only for your travel agent to tell you that the safari is fully booked. At Safari Fellows, our safari services are offered on private basis. Thus, it is you who choose the date when you want to go on safari as well as the safari destinations that you want to go to. As a matter of fact, you will realize that by booking a flight on your own and booking a custom safari with us, you will be able to have a personalized safari something that most of the big international travel companies cannot offer.

A variety of accommodation choices to choose from – Safari Fellows operations are not based on commissions. Thus, we are never going to limit your choice of accommodation so that you can choose an accommodation that we are going to earn high commissions from. You decide the accommodation that you want to stay in for your holiday and we are going to make bookings for you.

Pay Deposit on Booking and Balance of Arrival – Safari Fellows only requires you to pay a deposit when booking the safari and pay the balance on arrival when going for safari. Thus, you do not need to have all the money when making the bookings since you can pay the deposit and pay the rest once you arrive in Kenya.