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Safari Fellows is an inbound tour operator that is based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are committed in ensuring that your African Safari dreams become a reality. We offer exceptional guided tours and safaris as well as customized tours in Kenya and Tanzania.

Our broad selection of safari tours showcases the varied wonders of East Africa. Each of the original, hassle-free safari tours takes you to one of the top destinations and is characterized by luxury transport, outstanding accommodation, and fine dining – entirely supported by expert caring service.

From experience, we have found that there exists no satisfying way to travel to Kenya and Tanzania than to relax in ease conscious that experts have taken care of everything to ensure that you will have an unforgettable Kenya safari holiday. All that we require from you when you go to one of our African safari tours is that you have fun and have it in abundance. With Safari Fellows, you will discover, experience and relish a region that is endowed in culture and tradition, places, amazing wildlife and remarkable backdrop.

As you will find in our webpage, our safari tour packages have been grouped into different categories which comprises of Short Stay Safaris, Medium Stay Safaris, Long Stay Safaris, and Fly-In Safaris.

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Short Stay Safaris – As the name suggest, these are safari tour packages that are mainly targeted at those who only have a short time to for their safaris and tours. The duration of the safaris can vary from one day to three days.

Medium Stay Safaris – Safari tour packages in this category last more than the short-day safari tours as their duration varies from four days to six days.

Long Stay Safaris – They last more than the medium stay safari tours packages as their duration varies from seven days to twelve days or even longer depending on the client’s wishes.

Fly-In Safaris – They comprise of safaris that are ideal for visitors who do have not ample time to visit Kenya. By flying to various safari destinations, the visitors are able to save a lot of time that would have been spent travelling on the road in order to get to the game reserves. The flight safaris usually depart once a day from Wilson Airport which is about four kilometers from the capital city Nairobi.

As an experienced safari tour operator, Safari Fellows is conscious that in some cases, visitors might want to plan their own safari so that their specific needs are met. We are glad to let you know that we encourage our clients to suggest their itinerary to our safari experts so that in consultations with them, the visitors are able to come up with a great safari. Our safari experts are well trained and have personally visited all the destinations featured in our tours and safari packages. Thus, they will ensure that they tailor make the best safari package for you.

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Since inception, we have offered the best tour packages to our travelers. As a result, many of the travelers have given us feedback on how they have enjoyed safari tours with Safari Fellows. On your right are some of the reviews.